Photo credits: Annette Foland, Natalie Smith, Jenna Lennen, Becky Black, Karen Lewis, Timo Elliott, Bill Metzger, Sabrina Black, Kristen Ketron, Alice Scales, Johnny Stein, Brahm Rhodes, Edward Ricketts, Simon Patching

​Sessions 2017-2018  

Fall Session, 2 Oct - 16 December 2017 

   (concert 17 December)

Winter Session, 8 January - 24 March 2018

   (concert 25 March)

Spring Session, 3 April - 23 June 2017

   (concert 24 June)

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and mail it with your payment to:

Matt Black, Association Rock U., 29 ave de Suffren, 75007 Paris

Group Schedule:

Rock 101 (Gr 3-5/CE2-CM2): Wednesdays 14h-15h30 or 15h30-17h

Rock 202 (Gr 5-7/CM2-5è): Mondays 17h-18h30

Advanced Rock 1 (Gr 6-9/6ème-3ème): Tues or Wed 17h-18h30 or Sat 14h-15h30

Advanced Rock 2 (Gr 9-12/3ème-terminale): Tues or Wed 18h30-20h or Sat 15h30-17h

Rock U. Junior Varsity* (Gr 8-10/4ème-2è): Thursdays or Fridays 17h-18h30

Rock U. Varsity* (Gr 10-12/2ème-terminale): Mondays or Thursdays 18h30-20h
* Rock U. Junior Varsity and Varsity bands are intended for more experienced players; participation is by audition or staff approval only

Download the full group schedule in table form here 

Price per session: 365€ 

Note: Rock U. classes do not meet during school holidays or on school vacation days (Paris - Zone C).