Thanks for helping to create one of the highlights of our stay in Paris. Your interaction with the children and spirit are an inspiration.

Thank you, Matt! They loved it.

We loved it. It was great!

Thank you Matt, for sharing your love for music, inspiring our children and your
amazing positive energy!

Matt has the patience and vision of a Master teacher plus the musical enthusiasm of a

rock icon...put 'em together - Rock U.!!

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for everything you did for the band - your time, effort and enthusiasm. Our son had such a blast with you.

Thanks for putting together such a fun and productive activity that helps them to grow.

Your program is fantastic.

Huge congratulations and a big thank you
to Matt for inspiring the children and
giving them such an amazing experience.
They will never forget it!

Rock U. has become part of the magic of living in this great city. Rock on!!!

The show was really fantastic, thank you

so, so much. It's incredible how you

could get so many children up on stage working together like that in so little time - impressive. The girls adore your group.

Je voudrais retourner au primaire!

Photo credits: Annette Foland, Natalie Smith, Jenna Lennen, Becky Black, Karen Lewis, Timo Elliott, Bill Metzger, Sabrina Black, Kristen Ketron, Alice Scales, Johnny Stein, Brahm Rhodes, Edward Ricketts, Simon Patching