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Private Lessons at Rock U.

Rock U. is pleased to offer private lessons at our new studio in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower! Lessons are intended for Rock U. students who are looking for more than simply a band experience, or who want a little extra help learning their parts.  Unlike traditional music schools or private teachers, we don’t require a weekly or long-term commitment from our students.  We encourage beginners and advanced musicians alike to try new instruments and techniques, and offer players of all abilities the chance for individualized coaching on their parts in their Rock U. band performance, or anything else they’re ready to explore, with help from an experienced musician and teacher. 

Our Rock U. instructors all understand the mission and methods of Rock U., and work closely with the Dean and band instructors to help students improve their fundamentals and learn more advanced techniques.  Lessons will often be based on the songs that the student's band will be performing, but will always be individually tailored to the student's needs and goals.  Rock U. provides the lesson space, and most of the instruments used in the Rock U. band programs (guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, keyboards and more).

Students wanting a weekly lesson experience to supplement their band practices can book a pack of eight lessons at a 10% discount!

Check out our roster of talented instructors here!

Click below to book a lesson!  
please tell us your instrument, preferred teacher (if any) and goals for your lesson.

30-minute lesson:  25€
55-minute lesson:  45€

     (Age 10 and up)

​Pack of 8 lessons:  325€ (10% off)

​Rock U. Lesson Price List