Photo credits: Annette Foland, Natalie Smith, Jenna Lennen, Becky Black, Karen Lewis, Timo Elliott, Bill Metzger, Sabrina Black, Kristen Ketron, Alice Scales, Johnny Stein, Brahm Rhodes, Edward Ricketts, Simon Patching

semester 1: oct 2017-FeB 2018
      (concert 11 Feb)
semester 2: MAR-jun 2018
      (concert 24 June TBC)
price per semester:  265€ (530€ wed/FRI)

​Rock U. Adult Band Schedule & Price

Rock U. Adult Bands

Kids have all the fun, right?  They hang out in school with their friends, not a care in the world, and then they get to play music and get a pat on the back for working hard to develop important life skills.  Meanwhile, so-called “grown-ups” are expected to toil in the mines all day and then come home to a pile of dishes and bills! C’mon, isn’t it time to get in on the action?

OK, so that may not really describe most of our lives (or our kids’ lives), but you get the idea.  We spend a lot of time as parents and as a society thinking about how to provide our kids with enriching experiences, but adult fun is somehow considered frivolous.  But here are some things to consider:
1) Playing music is good for your mind, your body and your life. Here is some evidence for this, and here is some more.
2) Anyone can play music. And musicians of all abilities can play music together, the Rock U. way.
3) You’re never too old to learn to play and enjoy music, or to learn something new even if you’re already an experienced musician.

Rock U. Adult Bands are designed with the beginner to intermediate musician in mind, or for musicians who played when they were younger and want to get back in form. Adult Bands practice either every week (Wednesday evenings) or only on alternate weeks (Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings, or Friday afternoons). You can join just one band, or several to get more time in the studio and more songs to learn.  

See you in the studio, let's rock!

Rock u adult bands practice either every week or on alternate weeks
*Tues 20h30-22h (altERNATE weeks)
*Weds 20h30-22h (every Week) 
*Fri 13h30-15h (every week)