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Rock U. En Seine Festival

23-24 June at La Javelle!

14 youth bands and 9 adult bands in concert - don't miss it!

Rock 101: gr 3-5 (CE2-CM2)

ROCK 202: GR 5-7 (Cm2-5È)

Advanced Rock 1: Gr 6-9 (6è-3È)

ADVANCED ROCK 2: GR 9-12 (3È-ter)

ROCK U. Jr VARSITY**: GR 8-10 (4È-2È)

ROCK U. VARSITY**: GR 10-12 (2È-TER)

**FOR advanced students by audition only

3 apr - 23 June (concert 24 june)


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all ability levels
SMALL group sizes
all instruments

I'm Ready to

Photo credits: Annette Foland, Natalie Smith, Jenna Lennen, Becky Black, Karen Lewis, Timo Elliott, Bill Metzger, Sabrina Black, Kristen Ketron, Alice Scales, Johnny Stein, Brahm Rhodes, Edward Ricketts, Simon Patching

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Being in a rock band isn’t just about playing the notes and the beats.  It’s about responsibility, confidence, teamwork, trust, and the thrill of creating something with others that you could never create by yourself.  We’ll rock out for sure, but more importantly we’ll learn how to make music together as a band in a supportive, fun environment.  Every Rock U. session will conclude with a live performance for a real audience.


Rock 'EnRoll


Rock Your Summer with Rock U.

at ISP Plus! Ages 8-14, 2-13 July

Register from our Contact page.  More info here

Rock U. is a performance-based rock band program for kids, teens AND ADULTS that IS as rewarding as it is fun!